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I am Melissa.
Nice to meet you.

Hello lovely.


I am the heart behind my soulful aspiration, which is now known as Three Little Birds.


I am:

A mom with wise words and gentle strength. My three amazing humans breathe life into me daily with their uniquenesses and I am absolutely in awe that I had a hand in creating them.


A yoga practitioner who seeks to understand more everyday what the gurus of the long past were trying to teach from their own mat. You can find me practicing or guiding others through a practice several times a week.


A light seeker who happens to speak with my camera. It’s a language even I don’t fully understand. Some days my camera speaks for me and I am blown away every time I let the art-mind wander and play.


A wild and untameable creative mind who is always seeing the potential in every space. I am constantly building, painting, sewing, knitting, embroidering or planning a project. My studio space is a perfect culmination of all of my loves in one light-filled, created-with-an-open-heart space.


A foodie who thrives on vegetables and lives in the hippie food aisles. Connecting with the earth in this way allows me to stay grounded and be grateful for all the bounties we are blessed with.

A child of the 70s, I find myself craving the simplicity and gravitating towards the “luxuries” of my past which are now obsolete and archaic. Wicker, macrame, record players and even typewriters are making their way back into my life which cause me to pause and appreciate that faster and newer is not always better. I am the perfect mix of analog and digital, new and old.


A bi-racial woman, born to a Canadian red-head and a transplanted Trinidadian. This uniqueness about me has made it difficult to fit in and is exactly the reason that I do not follow in other’s paths and instead jive to my own Bob Marley song. People never really understood me, which I thought was a problem until one day I realized that it is actually the most incredible blessing.


I am so blessed to have the opportunity to meet you and capture your own magical moments.

Newborn photography, maternity photography, lifestyle newborn photography







“Don’t worry about a thing….cuz every little thing is gonna be alright” - Three Little Birds, Bob Marley


On Saturdays I would watch him vacuum the living room floor with such joy, leaving lines in the shag which was to be left undisturbed for at least a bit. The record player would be playing some of my favourite songs, but most importantly Bob Marley. My dad would dance with me on the carpet, which I knew he was so proud of, and let me disturb the lines while he spun me around on his hip, biting his bottom lip while smiling. It was his signature look and I miss him dearly.


My three children are, as cliche as it sounds, my absolute everything. They are unique and quirky and so insightful. When I am low, they show me that I am capable of amazing things, simply because I was able to make them and that’s a pretty amazing thing.


Three Little Birds is my heart. I can’t wait for you to meet it.


Melissa Chapman, maternity, newborn & baby photographer in Regina, SK stands in a field in white.
Melissa Chapman, maternity, newborn & baby photographer in Regina, SK.
Hands clasped Melissa Chapman, maternity, newborn & baby photographer in Regina, SK.
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